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  • Topoisomerase II Inhibitor
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Etoposid “Ebewe”
    partial basket chart
    Etoposid “Ebewe”

    Topoisomerase II Inhibitor. Etoposide 20 mg/ml.
    VIALS: 1 x 100 mg/5 ml; 1 x 200 mg/10
    ml, 1 x 1,000 mg/50 ml. I.V. infus: Adjust
    accord. gen. cond. pt., creatinine clear.,
    blood counts.
    Alone or in comb. with other cytostat.
    drugs for small cell lung cancer, resist. non
    seminomatous testic. cancer. In comb.
    with other chemother: Hodgkins, non-
    Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute myelocytic
    C/I: Hypersens., bone marrow depress.,
    severe hepat. impair., severe ren. impair.,
    pregn. lact. See lit.

    Etoposide Teva
    partial basket chart
    Etoposide Teva

    Topoisomerase II Inhibitor. Etoposide 20 mg/ml.
    VIALS: 1x100 mg / 5 ml, 1x50 ml, 1x200
    mg/10 ml. See lit.
    Refract. testicular tumors, small cell lung
    cancer, Hodgkin’s dis., malign. (non-
    Hodgkin’s) lymphom. (espec. histocytic
    type), acute non-lymph. leuk.
    C/I: Hypersens. to compon.