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  • TNF-A Inhibitors
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    TNF-A Inhibitors. Infliximab 100 mg / 10 ml.
    VIAL (Pwdr. for concentr. for sol.for infus.):20ml. Dosage must be ajust. individ. accord. to pt. med. cond.
    RA: in comb.with methotrexate, for the reduct. of signs and sympt. as well as the improv. in physic. func. in: Adult pts. with active dis. when the response to DMARDs, include. methotrexate, has been inadeq. Adult pts. with sev., act. and progres. dis. not prev. treated with methotrexate or other DMARDs. In these pt. populations, a reduct. in the rate of the progres. of joint damage, as measured by X‑ray, has been demonst. Ankylos. spondyl.:tmt. of sev., act. ankyl. spondyl., in adult pts. who have responded inadeq. to convent. ther. Psoriatic arthr. tmt. of active and progres.  psoriatic arthr. in adult pts. when the response to prev. DMARD ther. has been inadeq. Infliximab  should be admin. in comb. with methotrexate. Or alone in pts. who show intoler. to methotrexate or for whom methotrexate is contraind.
    C/I: Pts. with a history of hypers. to infliximab or to other murine proteins. Pts. with tuberculosis or other sev. infect.  such as sepsis, abscesses, and opportunistic infect. Pts. with moder./ or sev. heart fail. (NYHA class III/IV).