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  • Rota Virus Diarrhea Vaccine
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    Rota Virus Diarrhea Vaccine. Rotavirus live, attenuated: not less than 10^6.0 CCID50.
    ORAL APPLICATOR: 1, 10 x 1.5 ml.
    TUBE: 1, 10, 50 x 1.5 ml.
    Oral use only. Vaccinat. course
    consists of 2 doses. 1st dose: From
    age of 6 wks., with interval of min. 4
    wks. betw. doses. Vaccinat. course
    must be completed by age of 24 wks.
    Recommend. that both doses of
    regim. be with Rotarix.
    Active immunisat. infants from 6 wks. for
    prevent. gastro-enterit. due to rotavirus
    infect.{ types G1P[8], G2P[4], G3P[8],
    G4P[8] and G9P[8]}.
    C/I: Hypersens., prev. history
    intussuscept., pts. with uncorrect.
    congen. malform. of GI tract that
    would predispose for intussuscept., pts
    with Severe Combined
    Immunodeficiency (SCID). Acute
    severe febrile illness, diarr. or vomit. –
    postpone vaccin. Not for inject. Not for
    children> 24 wks of age.