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  • Phenothiazine Group II
    1 Drug classified under this drug class

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    Phenothiazine Group II. Pericyazine 40 mg/ml.
    ORAL DROPS: 30 ml x 4% (1 drop = 1
    mg). 10-15 mg dly. grad. incr. up to 60
    mg dly. See lit. Child: 1-10 yrs: 1 mg at
    bedt. for 3 days. incr. by 2 mg on alt.
    days. 10 yrs. and over: 2 mg at bedt.
    for 3 days incr. by 2 mg on alt. days.
    Aggressiveness, behaviour and
    character disords., obessional neurosis,
    character problems of epileptics, agitat.
    C/I: hypersens. angle-closure glauc.
    Urin. retens.,agranuloc. in comb. with
    dopamine agonists excluding those
    used in Parkinson’s.