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  • PARP Enzyme Inhibitor
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    Astra Zeneca
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    PARP Enzyme Inhibitor. Olaparib 50 mg.
    HARD CAPS.:112. 400 mg (8 caps.)×2/d (800 mg dly). Pts. should start tmt.  no later than 8 wks. after completion of their final dose of the platinum-contain. regimen. Tmt. be contin. until progress. of the underl. dis. Missing dose: If a pts. miss  a dose, they should take their next normal dose at its scheduled time. See lit.
    Indic. as monother. for the  maint.tmt. of adult pts. with platinum-sensit.  relapsed BRCA-mutated (germline and/or somatic) high grade serous epithel. ovarian, fallop. tube, or primary periton. cancer who are in response (complete response or partial response) to platinum-based chemother.
    C/I: Hypersens. Lact. during tmt. and 1 m. after the last dose.