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  • Parathyroid Hormone Analog
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Eli Lilly
    partial basket chart

    Parathyroid Hormone Analog. Teriparatide 20 mcg/dose.
    MULTIDOSE PREFILL. PEN INJECT: 1. 20 μg S.C. dly. Discard pen aft. 28 days.
    Tmt. postmenopaus. osteoporos. in pts.
    at high risk of fracture. To incr. bone
    mass in men with prim. or hypogonad.
    Osteoporos. at high risk of fracture. Tmt.
    osteoporos. assoc. with sustained system.
    glucocorticoid ther. in women/ men at
    incr. risk fracture.
    C/I: Hypersens, Pregnan., lact., Sev.
    ren.failure, osteosarc., pediat. Pts.,
    see lit.