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    Cerebonin 120 mg
    Dr. Samuelov
    not in the basket chart
    Cerebonin 120 mg

    Other Anti-Dementia Drugs. Ginkgo Biloba 35-67:1.
    F.C. TABS.:15. Dementia: Adults≥ 18 yrs. 1 tab.×2 d.
    Vertigo, adjuvant tinnitus tmt.: 1 tab.×1-2 d.
    When taken once dly., the F. C. tab. should be taken in the morn. Dementia syndr.:  Duration of the tmt. should last for at least 8 wks. See lit.
    For the symptom. tmt. of mental losses due to organic brain syndr. within the framework of a general therap. concept for dementia syndr.  having as major sympt.: Deficient memory, disturban. of concentr. , depress. mood, dizziness, tinnitus and headache. Vertigo of vascular and involutional origin.- Adjuvant tmt. in case of tinnitus of vascular and involutional origin. See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens., preg.