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  • Monoamine Depleting Agent
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    Xenazine 25 mg
    partial basket chart
    Xenazine 25 mg

    Monoamine Depleting Agent. Tetrabenazine 25 mg.
    TABS: 112. Organic movt. disords:
    Initial: 25 mg 3 x dly. Can incr. by 25 mg
    dly every 3-4 days until 200 mg dly or
    limit of tolerance reached. Tardive
    dyskinesia: Initial: 12.5 mg dly.
    Subsequent titrate accord. response.
    Elderly: Standard dose. Child: No
    dosage recommends. made but has
    been used without ill effect. Max: 200
    mg dly.
    Movt. disords. assoc. with organ. CNS
    conds., e.g. Huntington’s chorea,
    hemiballismus, senile chorea., modsevere
    tardive dyskinesia.
    C/I: Lact.