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    MMR Vaccine. Live attenuated measles virus 10^3.0 CCID50, Live attenuated mumps virus 10^3.7 CCID50, Live attenuated rubella virus 10^3.0 CCID50.
    VIALS (+ sterile diluent): 1 x 0.5 ml.
    Single dose S.C.
    Active immun. against measles, mumps.
    C/I: Hypersens. to the act. subst. or to
    neomycin. Hist. of contact dermatit. to
    neomycin is not a contraindic. For
    hypersens. reactions to egg proteins.
    See lit. Severe humoral / cellular (prim./
    acquired) immunodefic., e.g. severe
    combined immunodefic.,
    agammaglobulinemia and AIDS or
    sympt. HIV infect. or an age-specific
    CD4+ T-lymphocyte percentage in child.
    below 12 mnths.: CD4+ <25%; child.
    btwn. 12-35 mnths.: CD4+ < 20%; child.
    btwn .36-59 mnths.: CD4+ < 15% .
    Preg., preg. should be avoided for 1 m
    follow. vaccin. Pts. with acute sev. febrile