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  • MAOI-B Inhibitor
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    MAOI-B Inhibitor. Rasagiline (as mesilate) 1 mg.
    TABS: 10, 30. 1 tab 1 x dly with/without
    levodopa, with/without food. Elderly:
    No dosage change. Child and
    adolescents (under 18 yrs): Not
    recommend. Hepat. impair: Severe:
    Contraind., Mod: Avoid use; Mild: Use
    with caution when initiat. ther. If pt.
    progress. from mild to mod. hepat.
    impair: Stop ther. Ren. impair: No
    dosage change.
    Idiopath. Parkinson’s dis. (PD) as
    monother. (without levodopa) or as
    adjunct. ther. (with levodopa) in pts.
    with end of dose fluctuats.
    C/I: Hypersens., concom. with other
    MAOI’s or pethidine. At least 14 days
    should elapse btw. discont. rasagiline
    and initiat. MAOI’s or pethidine, severe
    hepat. insuffic.