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    Local Hemostatics. Aprotinin (acetate) 3000 KIU / 1 ml, Calcium Chloride Dihydrate 40 mcmol/ml, Human Fibrinogen 91 mg / 1 ml, Human Thrombin 500 IU / 1 ml.
    PRE-FILL. SYR.: 2, 4 ,10 mL. Applied. as a thin layer by dripp. or spray. using cannula or spray set. Ensure that the amount of the agento be applied is suffic. to entirely cover the intended application area. See lit.
    Supportive tmt. in adult. & child. from 1 mnth. of age where standard surg. techniq. appear insufficient: For improv. of Hemostasis. As a tissue glue to improve wound healing or to support sutures in vascular surgery and in GI anastomoses. For tissue sealing, to improve adhesion of the separated tissue (e.g. tissue flaps, grafts, split skin grafts [mesh grafts]). Efficacy in fully heparinized pts. has been proven.
    C/I: Not for inject. to the circulat. syst. or into highly vascularized tissue. Known hypersens. to aprotinin. Do not use for the tmt. of severe or brisk arterial/venous bleed.
    The spray should be applied with the min. recomm. distance from the applicator tip to the target site cannot be assured.