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  • Interlukin-1 Inhibitor
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    Interlukin-1 Inhibitor. Canakinumab 150 mg.
    VIAL (sol. for inject.): 1. Adults,
    adolesc., child over 4 yrs: Bdy wt. > 40
    kg: 150 mg; bdy wt. 15 kg-40 kg: 2 mg/
    kg. Admin. every 8 wks S.C. inject. as
    single dose. If satisfact. clin. response
    not achieved 7 days aft. tmt. start,
    second dose can be considered.
    If full tmt. response achieved, maintain
    the intensified dos. regimen of 300 mg and 4 mg/kg every 8 wks. No exper. For
    doses >600 mg every 8 wks.
    Clin. experience with dos. at intervals
    of less than 4 wks limited. See lit.
    Tmt. of the follow. autoinflammat.
    period. fever syndr. in adults, adolesc.,
    child. aged 2 yrs. and older:
    Tmt. of CAPS- in adult. adolesc., child.
    aged 2 yrs. and older with bdy. wt. of 7.5
    kg or above, includ.: MWS, NOMID,
    CINCA, sev. form. of FCAS / FCU present.
    with signs & sympt. beyond cold-induc.
    urticar. skin rash.
    Tmt. of TNF recept. assoc. period. syndr.
    Hyperimmunoglobulin D syndr.
    mevalonate kinase defic.
    FMF in pts. in whom colchicine is
    contraindic., is not tolerated, or does not
    provide an adeq. respon. despite the
    highest tolerab. dose of colchicine.
    Canakinumab can be given as monother.
    or in combin. with colchicine.
    SJIA- in pts. aged 4 yrs. and older.
    frequent Gouty arthritis in adult pts. with
    gouty arthrit. attacks (at least 3 attacks
    in the prev. 12 mnths.) in whom NSAIDs &
    colchicine are contraindic. ,are not
    tolerat., or do not provide an adeq.
    response, and in whom repeated courses
    of corticoster. are not approp. See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens., active, severe infect.