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    4 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Intron A 10 Miu Solution
    partial basket chart
    Intron A 10 Miu Solution

    Interferon. Interferon Alfa-2b 10 MIU.
    VIAL (sol. for inj./infus.): 1 x 1 ml x 10
    MIU. See lit.
    Chron. hepatit. B, C, hairy cell leukemia,
    chron. myelogenous leuk., multiple
    myeloma, follicular lymphoma, carcinoid
    tumor, malign. melanoma.

    Intron A Multidose Pen for Injection 18 MIU
    partial basket chart
    Intron A Multidose Pen for Injection 18 MIU

    Interferon. Interferon Alfa-2b 15x10^6 IU/ml.
    PEN INJECTOR: 1 x 18 MIU. See lit.
    Chron. hepatit B, C, hairy cell leuk., chron.
    myelog. leuk., AIDS related Kaposi’s
    sarcoma, malig. melanoma, metastat./
    recur. renal cell anem., non-Hodgkin’s
    lymphoma, high tumor burden follicular
    lymphoma as adjunct to comb. induct.
    chemother. such as CHOP like regimen.

    partial basket chart

    Interferon. Peginterferon Alfa-2b 80, 100, 120, 150 mcg/0.5 ml.
    PWDR. FOR INJECT (S.C.): 1 x 80, 100,
    120, 150 μg/0.5ml. In comb. with ribavirin
    caps: 1.5 μg/kg/wk. Monother: 0.5 or 1
    Adult pts. with histolog. proven. chron.
    hepatit. C with elevated transaminases
    without liver decomp. and with serum
    HCV-RNA or anti-HCV, in comb. with
    ribavirin, in naive pts. and pts. prev.
    respond. ( with normalisat. of ALT at end
    of tmt.) to interferon alpha monother. but
    have had subsequent relapse. Monother.
    mainly indicat. in case of intolerance or C/I
    to ribavirin.

    partial basket chart

    Interferon. Interferon Alfa-2a 3 MIU / 0.5 ml, 4.5 MIU / 0.5 ml.
    PREFILLED SYRINGES: 3 M.IU, 4.5 M.IU x 0.5ml. Dosage must me adjust. individ.
    accord. to indication and pt. medic.
    condit. Substit. by any other similar
    biological med. prod. require. the
    consent of the prescribe. physician. See
    Condylomata acuminta, Hairy cell
    leukem., AIDS pts with progr., asympt.
    Kaposi’s sarcoma who have a CD4 count >
    250/mm3, Chronic phase Philadelphia+
    chronic myelogenous leukaem., Adult pts
    with chronic hepat. B who are posit. for
    HBV DNA or HBeAg., Adult pts with chronic
    hepat. C who are posit. for HCV antibodies
    / HCV RNA and have elevated serum ALT
    w/o liver decompens., Follicular non-
    Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Advanced renal cell
    carcinoma, Patients with AJCC stage II
    malign. melanoma who are free of dis.
    after surgery.
    C/I: Hypersens., severe pre-exist. card.
    dis., sev. ren. / hepat./ myeloid dysfunc.,
    uncontrol. seizure disor., and/or
    compromised CNS function, chron.
    hepatitis with advance. hepatic dis. /
    cirrhosis, Chron. hepatitis who have
    been treated with immunosuppr.
    agents, premat. babies, neonat. / infan. /
    child. under 3 yrs.