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  • Fluoroquinolone/Corticosteroid
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    Cetraxal Ear drops solution
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    Cetraxal Ear drops solution

    Fluoroquinolone/Corticosteroid. Ciprofloxacin as HCl 3 mg /ml, Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.25mg/ml.
    BOTTLE: 1×10ml. Auricular use. Instil 4-6 dr. into the affected external ear canal every 8 hrs. for 7- 8 d.
    Local tmt. of acute diffuse otitis externa of bacter. origin without tympanic membrane perforation in adult. & in child. aged 7 yrs. and older caused by ciprofloxacin susceptib. microorganism.
    : Hypersens.ciprofloxacin or fluocinolone acetonide or any member of the quinolones.
    Known/ suspect. perforation of the tympanic membrane.
    Viral infec. of the external ear canal, includ. varicella and herpes s.  infec. and fungal otic infec.