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  • Factor VIII Inhibitor Bypassing Activity
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    Feiba NF
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    Feiba NF

    Factor VIII Inhibitor Bypassing Activity. Factor VIII Inhibitor Bypassing Activity 500, 1000 U/vial.
    VIAL: (powd. for sol. for inj.): 500 U, 1,000
    U. General dose of 50 to 100 U/kg bdy wt
    is recommend., but a single dose of
    100 U/kg bdy wt and max. dly dose of
    200 U/kg bdy wt must not be exceed.
    unless otherwise justified. Dosage
    must be individ. adjust. accord. to
    locat. and extent of the bleed., and pts.
    med. cond. See lit.
    Control of bleed. episodes in haemophilia
    A pts. with Factor VIII Inhib. and also in pts
    with acquired Factor VIII Inhib. Control of
    bleed. in hemophilia B pts with inhib., if no
    other specific tmt is available.
    C/I: (If therap. alternatives are available):
    Hypersens. to the product; Dissemin.
    Intrav. Coag. (DIC); Acute thromb./
    embol. (incl. MI).