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    True Test 24, plaster for provocation test
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    True Test 24, plaster for provocation test

    Diagnostic Agent. Alergens (chemical) 24.
    PLASTER FOR PROVOCAT. TEST:1, 10.  The test should be applied on a healthy skin, free from scars, acne, dermatit. , or any other condition which may interfere with interpretation of test reactions.
    The pt. should wear the plaster for 48 hrs. without remov. it and being careful not to get the test area wet (water, sweat). See lit.
    For diagnost. use in adult. only.
    Diagnosis of allerg. contact dermatitis.
    C/I: Sev. or general.  active dermatit. Testing should be postpone.  until the acute course has past.
    Known hypersens.  towards other excipients contained in the test besides the active substances.