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  • Cytotoxic Antibiotic
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Bleomycin PFI
    partial basket chart
    Bleomycin PFI

    Cytotoxic Antibiotic. Bleomycin Sulphate 15000 IU/vial.
    VIAL: 1, 10. See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens. or idiosyncratic react. to

    Mitomycin C
    partial basket chart
    Mitomycin C

    Cytotoxic Antibiotic. Mitomycin C 10 mg.
    VIALS (pwdr. for sol. for inj.): 5 x 10 mg.
    Intermittent admin.: Usual. (adults), 4
    to 6mg (potency)/d, IV once/twice a
    Admin. on consecutive days: Usual.
    (adults), 2mg (potency)/d IV every day.
    Intermittent massive admin.: Usual.
    (adults), 10- 30mg (potency)/d IV every
    1- 3 wks. or at longer interv.
    Concurrent use with other antineopl.
    agents: Usual. (adults), 2-4mg
    (potency)/d once/ twice a week in
    comb.with other antineopl. agents. Pts. with bladder tumor: prophylact.
    use against recurrence, 4- 10mg
    (potency) of usual. admin. IV once
    every day/every other day. For therap.
    use, 10- 40mg (potency)/d
    intravesically once a day. The dosage
    may be adjust. depend. on the age and
    sympt. of the pt. See Lit.
    Remis.of subject. and object. sympt. assoc.
    with the follow. dis.: Chron.lymphoc.
    leukemia, chronic myelocytic leukemia,
    gastric canc. colorectal canc., lung canc.,
    pancreatic canc., liver canc., cervix canc.,
    canc. of endometrium, breast canc., head
    and neck tumor and bladder tumor. See
    C/I: Pts. with a history of serious
    hypersens.or idiosyncratic react. to any
    of the compon.of the product.
    Thrombocytopenia, coagul. disorders
    and incr.bleed. tendency. See Lit.