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  • Cortisol Synthesis Inhibitor
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    Metopirone 250
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    Metopirone 250

    Cortisol Synthesis Inhibitor. Metyrapone 250 mg.
    CAPS: 50. Single-dose short test: 30
    mg/kg at midnight with milk. Multidose
    test: 500-700 mg every 4 hrs. for
    24 hrs. Child: 15 mg/kg with minimum
    dose of 250 mg every 4 hrs. for 6 doses.
    Manag. of Cushing’s syndr., adults: for the the init. dose of metyrapone may vary from 250 - 1,000 mg/d  depend. on the sever. of hypercortisolism and the cause of Cushing’s syndr. Metyrapone 250 may be init. at doses of 750 mg/da. For pts. with severe Cushing’s syndr. init. doses may be higher, up to 1500 mg/d. Lower start. doses may be used in cases of mild Cushing’s dis. or adren. adenoma or hyperplas. The dosage of metyrapone should be adjust.  on an individ. basis to meet pt’s. require. and depend. on tolerab. The usual mainten. dose varies 500- 6,000 mg/d, given in three/ four divid. doses. The dly. dose should be adjust. after a few days with the aim of lower. the mean plasma/serum cortisol levels and/or the 24 hr. urinary free-cortisol levels to a normal target value or until the max. tolerated dose of metyrapone is reached. See lit.
    As a diagnost. test for ACTH insuffic. and in the different. diagnost.of ACTH depend. Cushing’s syndr. For the manag. of pts. with endogen. Cushing’s syndr.
    C/I: Hypersens.
    Primary adrenocort. insuffic.