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    Contact Laxative. Bisacodyl 5 mg.
    TABS: 30, 50. 1-3 tabs. at bedt. Child: 6
    yrs and over: 1 tabs (0.3 mg/kg bdy.
    wt.) at bedt.
    All types of constip. in ambul., bed-ridden
    pts over 6 yrs. Prep. of pts for abdom.
    radiogr., proctosc.
    C/I: Hypersens. to the product; Acute
    surg. abdomen; Pts with ileus, intest.
    obstr., acute abdom. cond. incl.
    appendicitis, acute IBD, severe abdom.
    pain assoc. with nausea/vomit. which
    may be indic. of the aforement. sev.
    cond.; Severe dehydr.;
    Undiagn. rectal bleed.