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  • Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor
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    Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor. Ezetimibe 10 mg.
    TABS.:30 Adult./ adolesc.(10- 17 yrs.):10mg×1/d with/without food Cholesterol-low.  diet should be init. before tmt. initiat. and contin. during the tmt.
    Prim. hypercholesterolemia: admin.with a statin or alone. As adjunct. ther.to diet for use in pts. with prim. (heterozygous famil. and non-famil.) hypercholesterolemia. Homozygous famil. hypercholesterolem.: Concom. use with a statin for use in pts. with  HoFH .Pts. may also receive adjunct. tmts. (e.g. LDL apheresis). Homozygous sitosterolem. (Phytosterolem.): pts. with homozygous famil. sitosterolem.
    C/I: Hypersens. Contom. use with statin, in pts. with hep. impair. Contom. use with  statin, in  preg./lact.

    Ezetimibe Teva
    partial basket chart
    Ezetimibe Teva

    Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor. Ezetimibe 10mg.
    TABS.: 30 ×10mg. 1 tab. ×1/d orally, taken at any time with/ without food. In comb. with statins: both medicines can be taken at the same time.
    Primary hypercholesterolemia:
    Ezetimibe Teva admin. with a statin  or alone are indic. as adjunct. ther. to diet for use in pts. with prim. (heterozygous familial and non-familial) hypercholesterolem.
    Homozygous familial hypercholesterolem. (HoFH): Ezetimibe Teva admin. with a statin are indic. for use in pts. with HoFH. Pts. may also receive adjunct. tmt.  (e.g. LDL apheresis).
    Homozygous sitosterolemia (Phytosterolemia): Ezetimibe Teva is indicated for use in pts. with homozygous familial sitosterolemia.
    : Hypersens.
    In comb. with statins in pts. with current hep. impair.
    In comb. with statins in pregnant of lactat. women.

    partial basket chart

    Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor. Ezetimibe 10 mg.
    TABS: 30. 1 tab. dly at any time of day
    with or without food.
    Prim. hypercholesterem. monother. as
    adjunct. to diet in pts. with prim.
    hypercholesterem. in whom statin not
    appropriate or tolerat., hymozygous
    sitosterolem. as adjunct to ther.
    C/I: Hypersens., when co-admin. with a
    statin, see lit. Ther. in co-admin, with a
    statin in pregn. and lact. and active liver
    dis. unexplain. persist. elevat. serum