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    Centrally Acting Sympathomimetics. Lisdexamfetamine (Dismesylate) 30, 50, 70 mg.
    CAPS: 28, 30,100×30, 50, 70mg. The recom. start. dose is 30 mg ×1/d in the morn. in pts. ages 6 and above. Dosage may be adjust. in increments of 20 mg at approx. wkly. intervals up to max. dose of 70 mg/d. Pts. may be maint. on their optim. dose.
    Tmt. of ADHD in pts. ages 6 yrs. and above.
    C/I: Known hypersens. to amphetamine, anaphylac. react., Stevens-Johnson Synd., angioed., urticaria.
    Concur. admin. of MAOI’s or admin.of Lisdexamfetamine within 14 days of the last MAOI’s dose Hypertens. crisis can occur).