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    Cation exchange polymer. Patiromer (as patiromer sorbitex calcium) 8.4, 16.8 gr.
    SACHET.( Pwdr. for oral susp.):30.
    The recom. starting dose is 8.4 g ×1/d.
    The dly. dose may be adjust. in intervals of 1 wk. or longer, based on the serum K+ level and the desired target range. The dly. dose may be incr. or decreas. by 8.4 g as necessary to reach the desired target range, up to a max. dose of 25.2 g dly. If serum K+ falls below the desired range, the dose should be reduced or discount.
    Miss. dose should be taken as soon as possible on the same day. The miss. dose should not be taken with the next dose. Admin. should be separated by 3 hrs. from other oral meds.
    The onset of action occurs 4-7 hrs. after admin. It should not replace emerg. tmt. for life-threaten. hyperkalaemia. See lit. Tmt. of hyperkalaemia in adults.
    C/I: Hypersens.