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    Antiarrhythmic, Class IC. Propafenone Hydrochloride 150, 300 mg.
    TABS.: 30×150, 300mg. Init. with 150 mg given every 8 hrs. (450 mg/day). May be incr. at a min. of 3- 4 day intervals to 300 mg every 12 hrs. (600 mg/day). If necessary, 300 mg every 8 hrs. (900 mg/d) may be admin. until optimum clinic. response is obtained. Occasionally, it may be necessary to incr. the dly. dose to 900 mg. The dy. dose should be reduced accord. for pts. with a lower bdy. wt. Dose incr. should not be attempted until the pt. has been receiving tmt. for 3-4 days. Individ. maint. dose should be determined under cardiolog.
    surveillance including ECG monitor. and repeated blood pressure control (titration phase). Usefulness / safety of dosages >900 mg /d have not been established. See lit.
    Prophyl. and tmt. of ventric. arrhythmias. Prophyl. and tmt. of atrial fibril. and flutter. Prophyl. and tmt. of PSVT associated with disabling sympt.
    C/I: Hypersens. Uncontroll. congest, heart fail., cardiogenic shock (except for shock induced by arrhythmia), sinoatrial, AV and intraventr. disor. of impulse generation and/or conduction (e.g., sick sinus node synd., 2nd degree or greater AV block, or bundle branch block or distal block) in the absence of an artificial pacemaker, severe sympt. bradycard., within 3 mnths. after MI, in pts. with impair. card. output (left ventr. eject. frac. less than 35%) unless they have life-threaten. ventr. arrhythmias, marked hypotens., severe obstruct. pulmon. dis., manifest electrolyte imbalance, myasthen. gravis. Known Brugada syndr. Concom. tmt. with ritonavir.