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  • Anti-infectives for local oral treatment
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    Anti-infectives for local oral treatment. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2.5 mg.
    Adult. includ. the elderly: Follow. mechanic. debridement, a PerioChip is placed in each of the periodont. pockets to be treated. One PerioChip is insert. into a periodont. pocket with probing pocket depth (PD) 5 mm or greater. Up to 8 chips may be insert. in a single visit. Retreatm.with PerioChip follow. mechanical plaque removal at 3 month intervals may provide additional benefit if pocket depth remains ≥ 5mm.
    Reduct. and/or eliminat. pathogen. periodont. pocket microbiota, delay. and/or arrest. recolinizat. subgingival microflora, reduct. and/or eliminat. inflamm. lesions in the periodont. pockets, and as adjunct to mechan. tmt. in periodontit.
    C/I: Known sensitive. to chlorhexidine or hypersens. to chlorhexidine digluconate or to any of the excipients. See lit.