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  • Alkylating Agent (nitrosourea)
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Gliadel Wafer
    not in the basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Gliadel Wafer

    Alkylating Agent (nitrosourea). Polideprosan 192.3 mg, Carmustine 7.7 mg.
    STERILE WAFER (single dose tmt): 8 x 7.7
    mg. 8 wafers (61.6 mg) if size and
    shape of resect. cavity allows. See lit.
    Adjunct to surg. to prolong survival in pts.
    with recur. glioblastoma multiforme
    when surg. resect. indicat. Newly
    diagnosed high-grade malign. glioma
    pts., as adjunct to surg., radiat. Adjunct to
    surg. in pts. with recur. histolog. proved
    glioblastoma multiforme when surg.
    resect. indicat.
    C/I: Hypersens.

    not in the basket chart

    Alkylating Agent (nitrosourea). Fotemustine 208 mg/vial.
    VIAL (+ solvent): 4 ml. Sol. to be
    reconstitut. immed. prior to admin.
    See lit. Blood counts to be perform.
    bef. ea. admin. See lit. Induct. tmt: 3
    consec. admins. at wkly intervals. foll.
    by a 4-5 wk. rest period. Maint. tmt: 1
    admin. every 3 wks. usual dose: 100
    Monochemother. or in combin. with other
    chemo. agents in dissem. malign.
    C/I: Hypersens., pregn., lact.