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  • 2nd Generation Cephalosporins
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    Cefuroxime Vit
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    Cefuroxime Vit

    2nd Generation Cephalosporins. Cefuroxime 750 mg.
    VIAL(Pwdr. for Sol. or susp. for inj./infus.  IM/IV): 10×10ml. Adult.: Many infec. will respond to 750 mg ×3/d by IM or IV inj. For more severe infec., this dose should be incr. to 1.5 g ×3/d IV. The freq. of IM/ IV inj. can be incr. to six-hourly if necessary, giving total doses of 3g-6g dly.
    Infant. & Child.: Doses of 30 -100 mg/kg/d given as three/four divided doses. A dose of 60 mg/kg/d will be appropriate for most infec.
    Neonates: Doses of 30-100 mg/kg/d given as two/three divided doses. In the first wks. of life the serum half-life of cefuroxime can be three- five times that in adult. See lit.
    Infec. caused by suscept. microorganisms, prophylaxis against post operat. infec. in a variety of operations.
    C/I: Pts. with hypersens. to the cephalosporin antibiot.