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  • Permethrin
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Lyclear Dermal Cream
    partial basket chart
    Lyclear Dermal Cream

    Scabicide. Permethrin 5% w/w.
    DERMAL CREAM: 30 g. Adult./ child
    over 12 yrs.: up to 1-2 tubes. Child: 5-12 yrs.: up to 1/2 tube; 1-5 yrs.: up to 1/4 tube; 2 mths.-1 yr: up to 1/8 tube. Under 2
    mths.: not recommend. Apply over
    whole body except around mouth and
    eyes in child. Wash thoroughly 8-12
    hrs. later. May need second applic. 7 d.
    C/I: Hypersens. to permethrin or other
    substances of the pyrethrin group or to
    any of the excipients.