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  • Misoprostol
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    Prostaglandin Analogues. Misoprostol 200 mcg.
    TABS: 28. Proph. NSAID - induced pept.
    ulc: 200 μg 2 x dly or 3 x dly, if necess.
    Healing duod. ulc., gastric ulc., NSAID -
    induced pept. ulc: 800 μg in 2-4 div.
    doses at breakf. and/or ea. main meal
    and at bedt.
    Tmt. duod., gastric ulc., tmt. and prevent.
    NSAID - induced ulc., lesions, erosions
    while NSAID ther. continues. Use in conjunct. with mifepristone subject to
    approval of committee for terminat.
    pregn., accord. to Penal Law 1977.
    C/I: Pregn., women of child-bearing age,
    known allergy to prostaglandins.