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  • Lanadelumab
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    Monoclonal Antibody. Lanadelumab 300mg/2ml.
    VIAL (sol. for  inj.): 1×2ml. Each vial is intended for single use only.
    The recom. init. dose is 300 mg lanadelumab every 2 wks. by SC admin. only. In pts. who are stably attack free on tmt., a dose reduct. of 300 mg lanadelumab every 4 wks. may be considered, especially in pts. with low wt.
    The drug is not intended for tmt. of acute HAE attacks. If a dose is missed, the patient should be instructed to administer the dose as soon as possible ensuring at least 10 d. betwn. doses. No dose adjust. is required in pts. above 65 yrs. of age, or patients with renal or hepatic impair. The inject. should be restricted to the recom. inj. sites: the abdomen, the thighs, and the upper outer arms. Rotation of the inj. site is recom. This drug may be self-admin. or admin. by a caregiver only after pt. training on SC inj. See lit.
    Routine prevent. of recurrent attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE) in pts. aged 12 yrs. and older.
    C/I: Hypersens.