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  • Follitropin Alfa
    3 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Gonadotropin. Follitropin Alfa 600 IU/ml.
    PRE-FILLED PEN: Follitropin alfa 600 IU/
    ml (eq. 44 μg/ml) 1 x 300 IU (eq. to 22
    μg) + 5 needles; 1 x 450 IU (eq. to 33 μg)
    + 7 needles; 1 x 900 IU (eq. to 66 μg) +
    14 needles. S.C. See lit.
    Stim. follicular develop. and ovulat. in
    WHO group II women, stim. multifollicular
    develop. in pts. undergoing
    ovulat. for assist. reproduct.
    technologies.With concom. hCG ther.
    stimulat. spermatogenes. in men who
    have congen. or acquired
    hypogonadotroph. hypogonadism.

    partial basket chart

    Gonadotropin. Follitropin Alfa 600 IU/ml.
    CARTRIDGE (Sol. for inj. with inj.
    needles): 1 x 300 IU/0.5 mL, 450 IU/0.75
    mL, 900 IU/1.5 mL.
    Dosage must be adjust. individ.
    accord. to pt. med. cond.
    In adult women: Anovulation (incl.
    PCOS) in women who have been
    unrespons. to tmt. with clomifene citrate.
    Stimul. of multifollicular develop. in
    women underg. superovulation for ART,
    such as IVF, GIFT and ZIFT. In association
    with a LH prep. is recommend. for the
    stimulation of follicular development in
    women with severe LH and FSH defic. In
    clinical trials these pts. were defined by
    an endogenous serum LH level < 1.2
    IU/L. In adult men: is indicated for the
    stimul. of spermatogenesis in men who
    have congen./acquir. hypogonadotropic
    hypogonadism with concom. hCG ther.
    C/I: Hypersens. to follitropin alfa, FSH or
    to any of the excip.; tumors of the
    hypothalamus or pituitary gland;
    ovarian enlargement or ovarian cyst not
    due to PCOS; gynaecological haemorrh.
    of unknown aetiology; ovarian, uterine
    or mammary carcinoma. Must not be
    used when an effective response cannot
    be obtained, such as: primary ovarian
    failure; malformations of sexual organs
    incompatible with pregnancy; fibroid
    tumors of the uterus incompatible with
    pregnancy; primary testicular

    partial basket chart
    Multiple ingredients

    Gonadotropin. Follitropin Alfa 150 IU, Lutropin Alfa 75 IU.
    VIAL (pwdr. for sol. for inject.): 1 +
    solvent. S.C. admin. See lit.
    Stimulat. follicular develop. in women
    with severe LH and FSH defic. In clin.
    trials, pts were defined by endogenous
    serum LH level <1.2 I.U./l.