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  • Fluticasone
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    Corticosteroid. Fluticasone (as furoate) 27.5 mcg/dose.
    NASAL SPRAY: 120 sprays. Adults and
    adolesc. from 12 yrs: Initial dos: 110 μg
    1 x dly as 2 sprays in ea. nostril. Titrate
    individ. pt. to min. effect. dos. to
    reduce possible side effects. When
    max. benefit achiev. and sympts.
    controll., reduc. dos. to 55 μg (1 spray
    in ea. nostril) 1 x dly. Child 2-11 yrs:
    Initial: 55 μg 1 x dly (1 spray) in ea.
    nostril. Child not adequat. respond.
    may use 110 μg (2 sprays in ea. nostril)
    1 x dly. When sympts. controll. dos.
    may be decreas. to 55 μg 1 x dly.
    Tmt. sympts. season./perenn. allerg.
    rhinit. in pts. 2 yrs and older.
    C/I: Hypersens.

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    Corticosteroid, β2 Adrenergic Agonist. Vilanterol 22 mcg, Fluticasone 92, 184 mcg.
    PRE-DISPENSED INHAL. PWDR. (with inhal. device): 14, 30. Asthma- Adult., adolesc. >12 yrs.: 1 inhal. of 92/22 mcg ×1/d or 1 inhal. of 184/22 mcg×1/d. Init. dose of 92/22 mcg should be consid. for adult., adolesc. 12 yrs. and over who require a low to mid dose of inhal. corticost.in comb.with a long act. β-2-ag. If pts. are inadeq. control. On 92/22 mcg , the dose can be incr. to 184/22 mcg. Max. recom. dose is 184/22 mcg ×1/d. COPD Adult.>18 yrs.: 1 inhal. of 92/22 mcg ×1/d. See lit.
    92/22 mcg, 184/22 mcg indic. for the regular tmt. of asthma in adul. and adolescen. 12 yrs. and old.where use of a comb. med. product (long-act. β-2- ag. ,inhal. corticoster.) is appropr.: Pts. notadequat. control. with inhal. corticoster. and ‘as needed’ inhal.shortact. β-2-ag. 92/22 mcg is indic. For the sympt. tmt. of adult. with COPD with a FEV1<70% predict. normal (postbronchodilator) with an exacerb. hist. despite regular bronchodilator ther.
    C/I: Hypersens.