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  • Epoeitin Beta
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    partial basket chart

    Recombinant Human Erythropoietin. Epoeitin Beta 4000, 5000, 6000, 10000, 30000 IU.
    PREFILLED SYR.: 6 x 4000 IU/ 0.3 ml,
    5000 IU/ 0.3 ml, 6000 IU/ 0.3 ml, 10,000
    IU/ 0.6 ml,4 x 30,000 IU/ 0.6 ml.
    Adjust accord. to indic. and pt’s
    medic. condit. See lit.
    Tmt. anem. with chron. ren. fail. (ren.
    anemia) in pts. on dialysis; tmt. sympt.
    anem. in pts. not yet undergoing dialysis;
    tmt. anem. in adults with solid tumors
    receiv. chemother.; tmt. anem. adults
    with multiple myeloma, low grade Non-
    Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chron. lymphocyt.
    leukem. With relative erythropoietin
    defic. receiv. Antitumor ther.; incr. yield of autologous blood from pts. in predonation
    program. See lit.
    C/I: Hypersens., Poorly controlled HTN,
    In the indication “incr. the yield of
    autologous blood”: MI or stroke in the
    month preceding tmt., unstable
    angina pect., incr. risk of DVT such as
    history of venous thromboem. dis.