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  • Dronedarone HCl
    2 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Dronedarone HCl 400 mg.
    FC TABS. 60 x 400 mg: 400 mg twice dly., one with morning meal one with evening meal. See lit.
    Maint. of sinus rhythm after successful cardioversion in adult clinically stable pts with paroxysmal or persistent AF.
    C/I: Hypersens.; 2nd or 3rd deg. AV block, complete bundle branch block, distal block, sinus node dysfun., atrial conduct. defects, or sick sinus synd. (ex. when used in conj. with a functioning pacemaker); Bradycardia <50 b/min; Permanent AF with an AF durat. ≥6 mnths (or dur. unknown) and attempts to restore sinus rhythm no long. conside. by physician; pts. in unstable hemodyn. cond.; hist., curr. heart fail. or left ventr. syst. dysfun.; pts. with liver and lung tox. related to prev. use of amiodarone; co-administr. with potent CYP 3A4 inh., med. product. induc. TdP; QTc Bazett interval ≥500 msec.; sev. hepatic impair.; sev. renal impair. (CrCl <30 ml/min); co-administr. with dabigatran. See lit.

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    Class III Antiarrhythmic. Dronedarone HCl 400 mg.
    TABS: 10, 14, 20, 28, 30, 50, 60x 400 mg.
    Tmt. can be initiated in outpatients:
    400 mg 2 x dly, 1 with breakf., 1 with
    even. meal. Tmt. with Class I or II antiarrythm.
    (such as flecainide, propafenone,
    quinidine, disopyramide, dofetilide,
    sotalol, amiodarone) must be stopped
    bef. starting MULTAQ.
    Maint. of sinus rhythm aft. successful
    cardioversion in adults clinically stable
    patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial
    C/I: Hypersens., severe ren. or severe
    hepat. impair., second- or third- degree
    atrio-ventricular block. See lit.