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  • Danazol
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Danol 200
    partial basket chart
    Danol 200

    Androgen. Danazol 200 mg.
    CAPS: 60.
    Fertile females: Start during
    menstruat. on 1 st day. Childbear. age:
    Use non. hormon. contracept. through
    course of tmt. Endometrios: 200-800
    mg dly. for 3-6 mths. Incr. if bleed.
    persists aft. 2 mths. to 800 mg/day in
    severe cases. Proph. heredit.
    angioedema: Initial: 200 mg 2-3 x dly.
    Maint: Decr. initial dose by 50% or less
    at intervals of 1-3 mths. or longer.
    Prevent. tmt.: Continuous effective
    lowest dose. Elderly and child: Not
    Endometriosis amenable
    to hormonal management, hereditary
    C/I: Preg., lact., markedly impair. hep.,
    renal or card. func. Porphyria, active
    thrombosis or thromboemb. dis., hist. of
    such events. Androgen depend. tumor,
    undiagnosed abnor. gen. bleed.