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  • Atosiban
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    Tocolytic Agent. Atosiban 7.5 mg/ml.
    Sol. FOR INJECT: 1
    To start as soon as possible aft. diagn.
    of preterm labour in 3 successive
    stages: initial bolus dose (6.75 mg)
    with 7.5 mg/ml sol. for inject., immed.
    foll. by continuous high dose infus.
    (300 μg/min) during 3 hrs. foll. by
    lower dose (100 μg/min) for up to 45
    hrs. Infus. to be performed with 7.5
    mg/ml conc. sol. for infus. Tmt. not to
    exceed 48 hrs. Total dose not to exceed
    330 mg active substance.
    To delay imminent pre-term birth in
    pregn. women with reg. uterine
    contracts. of at least 30 secs. durat. at
    rate of ≥ 4/30 mins., cervical dilat. of 1-3
    cm (multiparas: 0-3), effacement of ≥
    50%; age ≥ 18 yrs., gestat. age: 24-33
    completed wks; normal fetal heart rate.
    C/I: Gestat. age below 24 or over 33
    completed wks., prem. rupture
    membranes > 30 wks gestat.,
    intrauterine growth retard, abnorm.
    fetal heart rate, antepartum uterine
    hemorrh. req. immed. delivery,
    eclampsia and severe pre-eclampsia
    req. delivery, intrauterine fetal death,
    suspect. intrauterine infect., placenta previa, abruptio placenta, any other cond. of mother and fetus which is
    hazardous, known hypersens. to excips.