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  • Acetazolamide
    1 Drug classified under this active ingredient

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    Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor. Acetazolamide 250 mg.
    TABS: 30. CHF.: For diuresis in CHF, init.:
    250-375 mg once dly. in the morn. If,
    after an init. response, the pt. fails to
    contin. to lose edema fluid, do not incr.
    the dose but allow for kidney recovery
    by skip. medic. for a day.
    Drug Induced Edema: 250 -375 mg
    once a day for one/ two days, altern.
    with a day of rest.
    Glaucoma: Tmt. of chron. simple
    (open-ang.) glauc. ranges from 250
    mg- 1 g of per 24 hrs., usual. in divid.
    doses for amounts over 250 mg.
    Tmt. of second. glauc. and in the
    postoper. tmt. of some cases of acute congest. (close-ang.) glauc., 250 mg
    every 4 hrs. in some acute cases, initial
    dose of 500 mg follow. by 125 or 250
    mg every 4 hrs. depend. on the
    individ. case.
    Acute Mountain Sick.: 500 mg-1,000
    mg dly., in divid. doses. In
    circumstances of rapid ascent, the
    higher dose level of 1,000 mg is
    recommen. It is preferable to init.
    dosing 24- 48 hrs. before ascent and to
    contin.for 48 hrs. See lit.
    Adjunct. tmt. of drug induced edema
    and edema due to congest. heart fail.
    Chron. simple (open ang.) glauc., second.
    glauc.and pre operat. in acute ang.
    closure glauc. where delay of surg. is
    desired in order to lower intraoc. press.
    Acute mountain sick.
    C/I: Situations in which Na+ and/or K+
    blood levels are depressed, in cases of
    marked kidney &liver dis. or dysfunc.,
    suprarenal gland fail., and
    hyperchloremic acidosis. Pts. with hep.
    cirrhosis. Long- term administ. in pts.
    with chron. non-congest. ang. -clos.
    glauc. Hypersens. to sulphonamides.