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  • Venlafaxine XR Teva
    / Teva

    Active Ingredient
    Venlafaxine (HCl) 75, 150 mg

    Status in Israel

    Presentation and Status in Health Basket

    Presentation Basket Yarpa Pharmasoft


    30 X 75 mg

    partial basket chart 18156 22297


    30 x 150 mg

    partial basket chart 18157 22309

    Related information


    Initial: 75 mg dly in single dose; for non-responders: Incr. up to 225 mg dly in dly increments of up to 75 mg at intervals of not less than 4 days. Re-ass. regular. to evaluat. benefit of long term ther. Hepat. impair: Reduce init. dose by 50%. Ren. impair: Reduce total dly dose by 25-50%. Pts. on hemodialys: Reduce by 50%, withhold until dialys. tmt complet. (4 hrs). Elderly: No dos. adjust. needed. Care when incr. dose. Maint./ extend. tmt: Perform period. evaluat. Discont: Taper grad., monitor pt. Switch. to/from MAOI: Allow at least 14 days between discont. MAOI and initiat. of ther. Allow at least 7 days of discont. ther. bef. start tmt. with MAOI.


    Treatment of depression. Maintenance of recurrent depression. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) – short term and long term. Social anxiety disorder (SAD).


    Known hypersensitivity to venlafaxine, or to any other ingredients of the preparation. Concomitant use in patients using MAOIs.

    Special Precautions

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    Side Effects

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    Drug interactions

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