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    / A. Levy Dental Depot

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    Adults and children aged 12 years and over:
    Directions: Spit out, swallow or vacuum excess saliva from mouth with a clean finger or swab apply an amount of gel the size of a green pea into the tooth cavity or to the affected area, to form a thin film. Allow to remain in place at least 1 minute and then spit out. Do not re-use or re-dip in the gel the finger or swab once placed in mouth. This will prevent cross-contamination of the gel. Use up to 4 times  daily. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not use continuously. If toothache persists, consult your dentist.
    Not for use in children below the age of 12 years.
    HURRICAINE is designed for rapid onset (10-30 seconds). Anesthesia usually lasts 8-10 minutes. Benzocaine has been shown to be a safe, effective anesthetic with little or no systemic absorption.


    Is designed for any dental procedure in which topical anesthesia is desired. Used for temporary relief of occasional minor irritation and pain associated with: canker sores, sore mouth and throat , minor injury of the mouth and gums caused by dentures or orthodentic appliances. For oral (local oral use).  


    Known sensitivity to benzocaine or any of the other ingredients. Not to be used in those individuals suspected of lacking the normal ability to convert methaemoglobin to haemoglobin. Not for injection. Avoid contact with eyes.

    Special Precautions

    Patient with history of allergy to local anesthetics such as procaine, butacaine, benzocaine or other “caine” anesthetics should not use this prepparation.
    For shortterm use until a dentist can be consulted. Do not use continuously. Do not exceed recommended dose.
    Do not use if you have a family history of methaemoglobinaemia.
    Patient should be advised to consult a doctor if sore mouth symptoms do not improve in 7 days.
    Patient should wait sometime after using this product before eating any food, due to possible interruption to swallowing.
    Likewise, do not chew food or gum, as long as the area is numbed. Avoid drinking hot liquids whilst using this product.
    See prescribing information for full details.

    Side Effects

    Hypersensitivity reactions (burning, stinging, pruritis, erythema, rash and edema), contact dermatitis and methaemoglobinaemia in a few cases in infants, children and adults. If symptoms persist, or are severe, or are accompanied by fever, headache, breathlessness, nausea and vomiting, consult a doctor.
    See prescribing information for full details.

    Drug interactions

    Benzocaine, like other derivatives of para-aminobenzoic acid, inhibits the actions of sulphonamides and therefore should not be used concomitantly with any sulphonamide.

    Pregnancy and Lactation

    No clinical data are available on the use of this product during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore it should not be used in pregnancy or lactation unless considered essential by a physician.
    See prescribing information for full details.                       


    Excessive absorption of benzocaine may produce methaemoglobinaemia in infants, children, and adults. The first clinical signs are cyanotic (greyish) skin discolouration (most notably on mucous membranes) and signs of unusual breathing or breathlessness.
    Methaemoglobinaemia may be treated by the intravenous administration of 1% methylene blue. Treatment of overdose should be symptomatic and supportive.
    Benzocaine overdose: The primary toxic effect following benzocaine exposure is methemoglobinemia. Tachycardia, hypotension, hyperpnea, cyanosis, lethargy, and metabolic acidosis may occur secondary to significant methemoglobinemia (greater than 40%).
    Adverse effects: gastro-Intestinal (GI) irritation may occur with ingestion. Contact dermatitis can develop following topical application of benzocaine.
    Onset: onset of methemoglobinemia usually occurs within 20 to 60 minutes of exposure.
    1) Decontamination: Consider activated charcoal soon after large ingestions (topical preparations are absorbed rapidly).
    2) Support: Treatment is symptomatic and supportive.
    3) Methemoglobinemia: Methylene blue 1 to 2 mg/kg/dose IV over 5 minutes as needed every 4 hours. It is contraindicated in patients with G6PD deficiency. Hyperbaric oxygen as an adjunct therapy in very severe cases, exchange transfusion may be considered if unresponsive to methylene blue.
    Range of Toxicity:
    Adults: Severe methemoglobinemia has occurred after 3 or 4 one-second sprays with 20% benzocaine.
    Caution: Severe methemoglobinemia may develop in some individuals (particularly G6PD or NADPH-dependent methemoglobin reductase deficient individuals) at low doses. Therapeutic: Adult: Apply topically to affected areas up to 4 times daily.
    Children (aged 12 years and older):  Apply topically to affected areas up to 4 times daily. 

    Important notes

    Before/after meal: Patient should wait some time after using this product before eating any food.