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  • Selective β2 Adrenergic Agonist
    2 Drugs classified under this drug class

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    Duaklir Genuair 340/12 mcg
    Astra Zeneca
    partial basket chart
    Multiple ingredients
    Duaklir Genuair 340/12 mcg

    Anticholinergic, Selective β2 Adrenergic Agonist. Aclidinium Bromide 340 mcg, Formoterol Fumarate 12 mcg.
    INHALER: 1,3×60 doses. The recomm. dose is one inhalation twice daily.
    Indicated as a mainten. bronchodilator tmt. to relieve sympt. in adult pts. with COPD.
    C/I: Hypersens.

    Striverdi Respimat
    Boehringer Ingelheim
    not in the basket chart
    Striverdi Respimat

    Selective β2 Adrenergic Agonist. Olodaterol (as HCl) 2.5 mcg.
    SOL. FOR INHAL. (in a Respimat inhaler): 60 actuations (30 med. doses).: 2 puffs
    once daily.
    Indicated as a maint. bronchodilator tmt. in pts. with COPD.
    C/I: Hypersens.