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    4 Drugs classified under this therapeutic system

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    not in the basket chart

    CNS Stimulant. Phentermine (as resinate) 15 mg.
    CAPS (Sustained Action): 30. 1 cap. aft.
    breakf. accord. to instruct.
    Tmt. of sev. obesity that has not responded to an appropriate diet- a minimal
    body mass index of 30 kg/m2 is required.
    Indicated as an adjunct in a medically monitored comprehensive regimen of wt. reduct. based on exercise, diet (caloric restrict.) and behaviour modific.
    C/I: Hypersens. to phentermine, Sympathomimet. drug.
    Pulmon. hypertens.
    Exist. heart valve abnormalit./ heart murmur.
    Moder.-sev. arter.hyperten.
    Cerebrovasc. dis.
    Sev. card. dis. includ.arrhythm.
    Advanc. arterioscleros.
    Agitated states/ history of psychiat. illness includ. anorexia nervosa and depres.
    History of drug/alcohol abuse or dependenc.
    Concom. tmt. with MAO inhib. or within 14 d. follow. their admin.
    Preg., lact.
    Co-admin. with drug for weight loss.

    Novo Nordisk
    not in the basket chart

    Human Glucagon-Like Peptide-1. Liraglutide 6 mg/ml.
    PRE-FILL. PENS: 5. Init. 0.6 mg dly. The dose should be incr. to 3.0 mg dly. in increm. of 0.6 mg with at least one week  interv. to improve GI tolerabil. If escal.  to the next dose step is not tolerated for two consec. wks., consider discount. tmt. Dly. doses higher than 3.0 mg are not recomm.
    As an  adjun. a reduced-calorie diet and incr. phys. active. for weight manag. in adult pts. with an init. BMI of  ≥ 30 kg/m² (obese), or ≥ 27 kg/m² to < 30 kg/m² (overweight) in the presence of at least one weight-related comorbid. such as dysglycaemia (pre-diab. or type 2 diab. mell.), hypertens. or dyslipidaemia, and who have failed a prev. weight manag. intervent. Tmt. should be discount. after 12 wks. on the 3.0 mg/day dose if pts. have not lost at least 5% of their init. bdy. wt.
    C/I: Hyperses.

    not in the basket chart

    Lipase Inhibitor. Orlistat 120 mg.
    CAPS: 7, 21, 42, 84 x 120 mg.
    Adults and child over 12 yrs:
    1 cap. 3 x dly.
    In conjunct. with mildly hypocaloric diet
    for obese patients with a BMI greater or
    equal to 30 kg/m2, or overweight patients
    (BMI >28 kg/m2) with assoc. risk factors.
    C/I: Hypersens., chron. malabsorpt.
    syndr., cholestasis, lact.

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