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    Active Ingredient *
    Gestodene 0.075 mg

    Status in Israel

    Presentation and Status in Health Basket

    Presentation Basket Yarpa Pharmasoft

    Coated Tablets


    full basket chart 3802 5502

    Coated Tablets

    3 X 21

    full basket chart 3801 5501


    One tablet a day.
    See prescribing information for full details.


    Oral contraception.


    Known hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or to any of the excipients. Combined oral contraceptives (COCs) must not be used in the presence of the conditions mentioned below. If such a condition should occur for the first time during use of COCs, the use must be discontinued immediately: Venous thromboembolism present or in history (deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism) with or without risk factors. Arterial thromboembolism present or in history (myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disorder), or prodomal conditions (angina pectoris and transient ischaemic attack. Hereditary or acquired predisposition for venous or arterial thrombosis, such as antithrombin deficiency, protein C deficiency, sickle cell anemia, protein S deficiency, APC-resistance, antiphospholipid antibodies (anticardiolipin-antibodies, lupus anticoagulant), hyperhomocysteinemia. Considerable or multiple risk factors for arterial thrombosis. Severe hypertension. Diabetes, complicated with micro or macro angiopathy. Severe dyslipoproteinemia. Known or suspected sex-steroid influenced malignancies (e.g. of the genital organs or the breast). Presence or history of severe hepatic disorders, as long as liver function tests are not normalized. Presence or history of benign or malignant liver tumors. Renal failure. Pancreatits. Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. Migraine with focal neurological symptoms. Pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy. History of herpes during pregnancy. History of aggravated otosclerosis during pregnancy.

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