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  • MMRV Vaccine
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    MMRV Vaccine. Live attenuated measles virus NLT 10^ 3 CCID, Live attenuated mumps virus NLT 10^ 4.4 CCID, Live attenuated rubella virus NLT 10^ 3 CCID, Varicella virus live attenuated >=10 ^ 3.3 PFU.
    AMP. (Pwdr. + solv. for sol. for inj.): 1, 10,
    20, 50×0.5ml. Infan., child. 12 mnths.
    up to 12 yrs.: two doses (each of 0.5
    ml). The interv. should prefer. btwn. 6
    wks.- 3 mnths. When the 1st dose is admin. at 11 mnths. of age, the 2nd
    dose should be admin. within 3 mnths.
    Under no circumst. should the dose
    interv. be less than 4 wks.
    Child. 9-11 months: In case an
    epidemiological situation requires
    vaccinating infants less than 12
    months of age, the first dose can be
    given as from 9 months of age. A 2nd
    dose should be given three months
    after the 1st dose. See lit.
    Active immunis. against measles,
    mumps, rubella, varicella in child. 12
    mnth. - 12 yrs. includ. Use in infants 9-11
    mnths. could be consid. under special
    C/I: Pts. acute sev. febr. illness.
    Hypersens. to act. subst. or to neomycin.
    Previous episodes of hypersens. after
    admin. of MMR and/or varicella vacc.
    Severe humoral/ cellular (primary/
    acquired) immunodefic., e.g. severe
    combined immunodef.,
    agammaglobulinemia, AIDS or sympt.
    HIV infec. or an age-specific CD4+
    T-lymphocyte percentage in child.
    below 12 mnths.: CD4+ <25%; children
    btwn. 12-35 mnths.: CD4+ < 20%; child.
    btwn. 36-59 mnths.: CD4+ < 15%
    Preg., preg. should be avoid. for 1m.
    follow. vacc.