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  • Meglitinide Analog
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    Meglitinide Analog. Repaglinide 0.5, 1, 2 mg.
    TABS.:30, 90,120. Ususual. initial. dose is 0.5 mg, 30 min. before each main meal, with a glass of water. Max. dly. dose 16 mg. See Lit.
    Indicated for adult. with type 2 diab.  mell. whose hyperglycaemia can no longer be control.  satisfactorily by diet, weight reduct. and exercise.
    Also indicated in comb.  with metformin in adults with type 2 diab. mell.who are not satisfactorily control.  on metformin alone.
    Tmt. should be initiated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to lower the blood glucose in relat. to meals.
    C/I: Hypersens. Pts. wth type 1 diab. Pts. with diab. ketoacid. Sev. liver dis. Concom.  use with gemfibrozil.