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  • Laxative - Prostaglandin E1 Derivative
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    Amitiza 8 mcg, 24 mcg
    not in the basket chart
    Amitiza 8 mcg, 24 mcg

    Laxative - Prostaglandin E1 Derivative. Lubiprostone 8 mcg, 24 mcg.
    CAPS. Liquid Filled: 60. Chron. idiop. constip. (CIC) and Opioid-induced constip. with chron. (OIC), non-cancer pain.: 24 mcg×2/d orally with food & water. Irritable Bowel Syndr. with Constip.: 8 mcg×2/d orally with food & water. Dosage in pts.  with hep.  impair.&in spec.  popul.: ee lit.
    8mcg - Irritable bowel synd. with constip. (IBS-C) in adult women. 24mcg- Tmt. for adults of: Chron. idiop. constip. (CIC), Opioid-induced constip.  with chron. (OIC), non-cancer pain.
    C/I: Pts. with known/ suspect. mechan. GI obstruct. Hyperses.