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  • IgG4 Monoclonal Antibody
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    IgG4 Monoclonal Antibody. Nivolumab 10 mg/ml.
    VIALS (IV infus.).: 4ml, 10ml. 3 mg/kg
    admin. as an IV infuse. over 60 min. every 2 wks. until dis. progress. or unaccept. toxicity. See lit.
    Tmt. of pts. with advanced (unresect., metastatic) melanoma in adults. - As monotherapy and in combination with ipilimumab.
    Tmt. of advanc. (unresect./metastat.) melanoma in adult.
    In comb. with ipilimumab, is indic. for the tmt. of pts. with advanc. (unresect./metast.) melanoma.
    Tmt. of pts. with metast. NSCLC with progres. on or after plat.-based chemother.
    Tmt. of pts. with advance. renal cell carcin.(RCC) who have receiv. prior anti-angiog. ther.
    Tmt. of pts. classic. Hodgkin lymph. (cHL) that has relapsed or progres. after autologous hematopoiet. stem cell transplant. (HSCT) & post transplant. brentuximab vedotin.
    Tmt. of pts. with recur./metast. squam. cell carcin. of the head & neck (SCCHN) with dis. progres. on or after plat. based ther.
    Tmt. of adut. & ped. pts. 12 yrs. & old. with microsatellite instabil.-high (MSI-H) or mismatch repair defic. (dMMR) metast. colorect. cancer (CRC) that has progres. follow. tmt. with a fluoropyrimidine, oxaliplatin, & irinotecan.
    Tmt. of pts. with local. advance. or metast. urothelial carcin. who: Have dis. progres. during or follow. plat.-contain. chemother.
    Have dis. progres. within 12 mnths. of neoadjuvant or adjuv. tmt. with plat. contain. chemother.
    Tmt. of pts. with hepatocel. carcin. Child-Pugh A after sorafenib ther.
    C/I: Hypersens.