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  • Glucosylceramide Synthase Inhibitor
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    Glucosylceramide Synthase Inhibitor. Miglustat 100 mg.
    CAPS: 84. Gaucher dis. Adults: Initial:
    100 mg 3 x dly. Tempor. dose reduct. to
    100 mg once/ twice a d. may be neces.
    in some pts. because of diarrhoea.
    Can be taken with/ without food.
    Ped. popul. : The efficacy of Miglustat
    in child. & adolesc. aged 0-17 yrs. with
    type 1 Gaucher dis. has not been
    Niemann-Pick type C dis.: Adult. –
    200mg ×3/d.
    Ped. popul. (pts. 12 yrs. and above)
    200mg ×3/d.
    Dosing in pts. under the age of 12 yrs.
    should be adjust. on the basis of bdy.
    surface. ar- See lit.
    Oral tmt. of mild- moder. type 1 Gaucher
    dis. Miglustat may be used only in the
    tmt. of pts. for whom enzyme replac. ther.
    is unsuit.
    Miglustat is indic. for the tmt. of progres.
    neurological manifest. in adult pts. and
    paed. pts. with Niemann-Pick type C dis.
    C/I: Hypersens.