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  • Cardiotonic Agent
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    Cardiotonic Agent. Ivabradine (HCl) 5 mg, 7.5 mg.
    F.C: TABS: 56×5 mg; 28, 56×7.5 mg.
    Sympt.tmt. of chron. stab. ang.
    pectoris. Pts. < 75 yrs.- init. dose
    should not exceed 5 mg ×2/d. Chron.
    HF: The tmt. has to be init. only in pt.
    with stab. HF. Init. dose. is 5 mg ×2/d.
    After 2 wks. of tmt., the dose can be
    incr. to 7.5 mg ×2/d. See lit.
    Symptom. tmt. of chron. stab. ang.
    pectoris in pts. with normal sinus rhythm,
    who have a contra-indic. or intoler. for
    β-blockers. Tmt. of chron. HF. NYHA II to IV
    class with syst. dysfunc., in pts. in sinus
    rhythm and whose heart rate is ≥ 75 bpm,
    in combin.with standard therapy includ.
    β-blocker therapy or when β-blocker
    therapy is contraind. or not tolerated.
    C/I: Hypersens. Resting heart rate below
    70 beats/ min. prior to tmt. Cardiogenic
    shock. Acute MI. Severe hypotens.(<
    90/50 mmHg) Severe hep. insuf. Sick
    sinus synd. Sino-atrial block. Unstab. /
    acute HF pts. Pacemaker dependent
    (heart rate imposed exclus. by the
    pacemaker). Unstab. ang. AV-block of
    3rd deg. Comb. with strong cytoch. P450
    3A4 inhib. such as azole antifung.
    (ketoconazole, itraconazole), macrolide
    antib. (clarithromycin, erythromycin per
    os, josamycin, telithromycin), HIV
    protease inhib. (nelfinavir, ritonavir) and
    nefazodone . Comb. with verapamil or
    diltiazem which are moderate CYP3A4
    inhib. with heart rate reduc. proper.
    Preg., lact. and WOCBP not using
    approp. contracep.