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  • Romosozumab 90 mg / mL
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    Monoclonal Antibody. Romosozumab 90 mg / mL 90mg/ml.
    PRE-FILL. SYR. (sol. for S.C. inj.):2. 210 mg admin. S.C. in the abdo., thigh or upper arm. admin. once every month.
    The tmt. duration is 12 mnthly. doses.
    Pts. should be adequat. supplem. with calcium & vit. D during  tmt.
    If the dose is missed, admin.as soon as it can be rescheduled. Thereafter, the dose can be scheduled every month from the date of the last dose.
    Tmt. of severe osteoporosis in postmenop. women at high risk for fract., defined as a history of osteoporotic fract., or multiple risk fact. for fracture; or pts. who have failed or are intoler. to other available osteoporosis ther.
    Hypocalcem., Pre-exist. hypocalc.
    Pts. who experiences a MI or stroke during ther.
    Pts. who had a MI or stroke within the preceding year.