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  • Risedronate Sodium
    3 Drugs classified under this active ingredient

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    Actonel Once a Month
    partial basket chart
    Actonel Once a Month

    Bisphosphonate. Risedronate Sodium 150 mg.
    TABS.:1,2,3,4. Tab wkly. to be swallowed whole and not sucked or chewed in an upright position with glass of plain water, at least 30 mins. bef. first food, other medicine or drink (except water) of the day. Pts should not lie down for 30 mins aft. taking tab.
    Tmt. of postmenopaus. osteoporosis. Prevent. of postmenopaus. osteoporosis
    C/I:  Hypersens. Hypocalcaem. Preg., lact.
    Severe renal impair.(CrCl <30 ml/min).
    Inabil. to stand or sit upright for at least 30 min.

    Ribone 150
    Unipharm Trading Ltd
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    Ribone 150

    Biphosphonate. Risedronate Sodium 150 mg.
    TABS.:1. 1 tab. once a month. should be admin. with full glass of tap water, first thing upon rising in the morn., and at least 30 min. before breakfast, before drink. anything (except for tap water) or before taking any med. The pt. shouldn’t lie down for 30 min. after taking the med.
    Prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
    C/I: Hypersens. Preg., lact. Pts. with dysphag. Pts. who are unable to remain in an upright posit. (sitting or standing) for 30 min. after admin. of the drug. Pts. with hypocalcem. that has not yet been stabiliz.
    Severe renal impair. (CrCl below 30 ml/min.). Pts. with galactosemia, glucose and galactose absorpt. problems or lactase deficits.

    Ribone 35
    partial basket chart
    Ribone 35

    Bisphosphonate. Risedronate Sodium 35 mg.
    TABS: 4. 1 tab wkly. to be
    swallowed whole and not sucked or
    chewed in an upright position with
    glass of plain water, at least 30 mins.
    bef. first food, other medicine or drink
    (except water) of the day. Pts should
    not lie down for 30 mins aft. taking
    Tmt. postmenopaus. osteoporos:,
    established postmenopaus.
    prevent. osteopor. in postmenopaus.
    women with incr. risk of osteopor. Tmt.
    osteopor. in men, at high risk of
    C/I: Known hypersens., hypocalcem.,
    pregn. lact., severe ren. impair.