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  • Methadone
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    Methadone Oral Solution
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    Methadone Oral Solution

    Opioid. Methadone (as HCl) 50 mg/ml.
    CONC. SOLN: 200 ml. To be diluted bef.
    admin. using calibrated measure.
    Severe pain: 5-20 mg every 4-8 hrs.
    Dose must be adjust. individ. for each
    Severe pain, detoxificat., withdrawal in
    narcot. addict.
    C/I: Hypersens. Pts. with respir. depress. (in
    the absence of resuscit. equip. , in
    unmonit. settings). Pts. with acute
    bronch. asth. or hypercarbia.
    Pts. who have, suspect. of having a
    paralytic ileus.